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next on abc-7 news. live doppler 7 hd is tracking a new storm system heading our way right now. how long the second wave of rain will last. a murder plot unravels. a man accused of planning a deadly attack at the latest twilight movie. also -- the middle east on the brink. the latest target in a new round of attack. abc-7 news starts now.
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>> ama: it's a sound we may hear a lot of this weekend, another soggy storm system is rolling through the bay area. looking outside, we saw peeks of sun but overall a very gray day in san francisco. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. we have live team coverage from the weekend storms. let's get the latest photographs from abc-7 meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: the live shot was high atop mt. tamalpais. doppler d. -- live doppler 7hd aimed at the system just to the north. this next wave of rain is coming in from the north trajectory, which means it's a colder storm and it's going to hold less moisture. so we won't see a lot of rainfall compared to the storm system that moved through yesterday. santa rosa, all of this is moving from north to south and
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will slowly advance across the bay area overnight tonight. some moderate rain over towards western mine road. even get something report of rain developing under the novato area. also over towards vacaville. and here is a look at that storm system. starting to narrow a little bit. not as strong as the one that moved through last night. and this is going to move through the bay area overnight tonight. by tomorrow afternoon, we will return to sunshine. so that is good news. >> ama: we'll now take you to the north bay where tomas roman is live. and i understand flooding is a concern and sand bags are available. reporter: that's right. now as the rainy season has fully arrived, cities and counties are making sand bags available free of charge, and here in mill valley, sand bags
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come in handy. >> the intersection of 10 and highway in nil valley shows what happens when high tides meets runoff. ken is a general manager of the ball balboa cafe. >> the precaution is push the cutons off the tables and sand bag the door. the water comes a couple inches deep into the restaurant. >> he showed us the sandbags they put out every night rain is expected, like tonight. sandbags are ready for people to pick up all over the bay area. >> in redwood city, steady rainfall remind residents of the possible need to stock up in sand bag in case of flooding. bags are ready to go here on chestnut street. at the city corporation land sand and sandbags have been left out. in daly city, residents are
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still recovering from a huge mud slide created when a water main burst last tuesday. the area is now barricaded off by dozens of bay hales -- hay bales. >> it's been scary, we don't nope what happen. >> with the rain? >> with the rain. >> it's that combination of a very high tide with a little bit of a storm surge and lots of runoff that we start to get concerned. >> the battalion chief is talking about how sunday send table mill valley is in a storm. >> this is a wakeup call for things that could come. so here in mill valley, and i think in other areas around marin county, we're prepared. we met last week with law enforcement, public works department. reporter: now, your local public works department or fire department can tell you where to find sandbags if you need them. abc-7 news.
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>> ama: this storm system is expected to continue to bring rain and snow to the sierra. here's a live look at heavenly mountain from the resort sports network's camera. a winter weather advisory just went into effect at 4:00 for elevations above 7,000 feet and is scheduled to run through 10 tomorrow morning. up to a foot of snow is expected around donner pass. some ski resorts received as much as 20 inches. >> have a good time. the beginning of the season. got make a couple of good runs. >> i wasn't expecting it to be like this. i was actually expecting it to be -- the weather can be bad. >> ama: six ski resorts are scheduled to open this weekend. >> students at vallejo high school were among those honoring jim kapu one year after his shooting death. officer was killed after a
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high-speed chase in pursuit of bank robbery suspect, henry smith, jr. he coached the girls basketball team at vallejo hoe and was remembered for his involvement in the local community. >> alive within the hearts and minds of all the vallejo police officers. alive within the members of our community. and he is alive within the hearts and souls of his family and friends and all who knew him and will never be forgotten. >> the officer was a 19 year veteran of the force. he was 45 and left behind a wife and three daughter. smith is due in court for a hearing november 27th. the search continues in san jose for a robbery suspect, after taking police on a pursuit and injuring an officer. the officer was treated and released. he was either hit by glass or a bullet fragment when a pair of robbery suspects opened fire. another officer fired back and shot one of the suspects. he was captured but a second suspect has not been found.
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the two are accusessed of four armed robberies yesterday. >> san santorum -- san jose police are looking for a man involved in a shooting. it happened at 9:00 last night. police say this is san jose's 42nd homicide of the year. >> in oakland, police are investigating the city's 109th 109th homicide of the year. is happened at 1:00 a.m. the oakland tribune roortz 27-year-old man died. neighbors called police after hearing gunfire. police have mo suspect or motive. a final return home today for a san jose marine who was shot and killed by palm springs police. the family of 22-year-old corporal allen da iv iana is bringing his body back to san jose. he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police inside
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a parking garage saturday morning. police say he was shot when he stepped on the gas, hitting one officer and dragging another. a burial mass will be held on wednesday at our mother of perpetual help church in los gatos. >> rockets crisscross the sky as israel bombards the gaza strip. militants are firing back. a decision about a ground invasion could come any time. here's the latest. reporter: on this fourth day of fighting, israel lairched hundreds of rockets into georgia sacks pounding landmarkssmarks d centers of power, including the ministry building and a vast groundwork of underground tunnels. militants there undaunted, unleashing 600 rockets against the jewish state, specialry in the south where the damage is extensive. as attacks on testify avive and jerusalem mark the first time hamas has been able to fire
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rockets. >> hamas fire a rocket at jerusalem. throughout the city in arab neighborhoods and jewish neighborhoods. reporter: israel's iron dome defense system proving particularly effective as in this attack on tel aviv, intercepting a significant proportion of incoming rockets. at least three israelis and 40 palestinians have been killed, men civilians. across the city, residents live in fear of israeli air strikes. this man says, all night we were worried whether they will shell or not or if they will target our house or not. the wounded arrived at the hospital, and across the border as many as 5,000 reservists called up. thousands of military vehicles and troops massing, all ahead of a possible ground operation. >> more people on the fire now. this is the police, we have to
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protect. again, again. let's go. let's go. >> abc news, new york. >> ama: rebel forces in syria have reportedly taken control of an airport along the bored irwith iraq. opposition fighters have overrun the airport. the airport has been turned into a military base during the 20-month conflict that left more than 36,000 people dead. at least four rebels were dmild the attack. a mass shooting during the new twilight movie is averted in missouri, thanks to quick-thinking mom. the 20-year-old man is behind bars. police say he had guns, ammunition, and a movie ticket. his target, the sunday showing of the twilight movie, "breaking dawn part 2" blake's mom warned police her son was planning a copycat shooting in the batman movie when a gunman killed 12
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people in a movie theater. his mom says blake was mentally and i will off his medication. his friends are shocked. >> shocked. he was in our house. i was really close to him. i helped him clean his ruffles. >> he is charm evidence with assault, making a thorist threat and armed criminal action. >> a search continued today from the sea and sky for two workers missing after fire eresulted on an oil platform in the gulf of mexico. the fire start yesterday on a platform 25 miles off the louisiana coast. the works were using a torch to cut an oil line. the exact cause remeans under investigation. four workersed suffered severe burns. the coast guard says the oil spill will have minimal ill pact because the rig was shut down. >> 28 gallons potentially in the three nitch line. >> ama: the oil platform is
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owned by an independent oil and gas company headquartered in houston. the fire happened day of bp agreed to plead guilty to charges in the 2010 gulf oil spill and pay a record $4.5 billion in penalties. comedy show in oakland left the crowd stunned and angry. the performer goes off on a vulgar tirade. his outburst comes days after the comp median was arrested in connection with another attack. also, the sweet treat that is fetching a pretty penny online.
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>> ama: fans of comedian cat williams are angry over his performance in oakland that abruptly end when williams got into a confrontation with a heckler. he went on a racist tirade. at one point even challenged the heckler to a fight back stage. [bleep], [bleep], [bleep]. >> ama: heard to hear anything. eventually williams own security dragged him off stage. an audience member shared a video of the cop front -- confrontation, he was arrested earlier this week after a brawl aboard a tour van. fans say the show started an
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hour late and only lasted ten minutes. many are now demanding a refund. >> bay area food banks are facing a thanksgiving turkey shortage. the san francisco food bank is short more than 1700 turk yes, more than half the birds it needs this year. volunteers were accepting donations at the pennsylvania avenue warehouse in san francisco today as well as the marin food bank in novato. the organization needs a totallal of 3300 birds to distribute to 202 agencies in san francisco and marin. >> donations are really appreciated. for every one dollar donated to us we can distribute six dollars worth of food. other. >> ama: the food bank provides turneys to organizations such as st. victim tent depal. we invite you to be part of the abc-7 share your holiday food drive on december 12th. see the abc-7 news team as we
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broad live around the bay area, taking donations for your local food bank. the demise of hostess. the makers of twinkies, ding dons, and ho-hos, created a hottage industry giant. three boxes of twinkize sold for $300 on ebay. a box of twinkies normally has a retail price of $5. we have some more rain outside today. let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: yes, it is this rain band moving from north to south. starting to move around a little bit. from the live shot, here from the east bay high definition cam you can see the advantages dark clouds in association with the cold front. going to move through rather
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rapidly overnight, and we're looking for a lot of clearing by lunchtime tomorrow. let's get to live doppler 7 hd, you can see exactly what i'm talking about. leading edge of the rain moving into the north bay. moderate rain to the north. from ukiah to win are so, and heading into the santa rosa area. roanoke park, all moving toward the southeast. vacaville, and you can see this moving in towards northern sonoma county, we'll go in a little closer and you can see fountain grove parkway with wet pavement right down, all of this slowly sliding to the south. mid-way road, a little to the north of vaca -- vacaville. in the higher elevations, live doppler 7hd picking up some moisture nearby lake tahoe. king's beach, at the surface,
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light rain. higher elevations seeing a rain-snow mix. the snow level very high from yesterday's more warmer storm system. so, snow levels right now, sitting at 8,000 feet. by tomorrow morning, they will be coming down, starting to lower, and near lake level they could possibly see an inch of know snow there by late in the day. here's the current readings. with the storm system yesterday, very mild. temperatures warmed up into the 60s with 59 in san francisco right now. napa, 61. 61 in livermore, and 63 in antioch. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast. we'll contend with the rain and wind overnight tonight. this storm system, a fast mover. out of here by early tomorrow morning. we'll look for afternoon clearing on your sunday, and monday looks dry, and mild. here's a look at our satellite radar composite. you can see the leading edge, the back edge of the cold front right here. here's the leading edge. very narrow in fact some
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forecast models want to break it apart as it moves across the bay area, but nonetheless, by 7:00, you can see the moderate rain moving from san rafael towards the golden gate bridge. san francisco, half moon bay. this is 11:00. see how rapidly this is clearing? the north bay may see some clear sky around midnight tonight. as this storm system moves on to the south by 2:00 a.m. morgan hill, santa cruz mountains, that's where you'll see the moisture and by tomorrow morning much of the bay area starting to clear out. this is 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. we may see a few afternoon lingering showers, mainlity higher elevations. tomorrow afternoon should not be all a wash. winter storm warning before the 6,000 feet. that stays in place until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. as i said, this is more of a higher elevation storm system, although tomorrow morning, the snow levels will be dropping to 5500 feet. maybe a half inch to an inch in the north bay.
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a fast mover, overnight lows in the 50s. here's a look at your temperatures for tomorrow, with afternoon clearing. we'll warm up into the 50s. upper 50s to near 60 degrees. we may still contend with a few lingering showers. we get a dry day on monday and travel day and then more showers in the forecast, tuesday night and wednesday, but right now thanksgiving looks dry and, the all-important shopping friday looks dry as well. >> turning into thursday, it's getting earlier and earlier. mike shumann is here with sports. >> mike: big game. matchup of the day on abc-7. oregon and stanford. the battle for top dog in the pac-12 north. everyone has the dogs penciled in for the victory but not
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music mike standard and oregon coming up right here on abc-7 with the pac-12 north division lead at stake. this features the best-on-against the best defense. oregon has gotten the better of the last two seasons. the past two years, stanford has beaten every pac-12 team except oregon. kevin hogan starts at quarterback, and he knows the key to winning is keep oregon's offense off the field. >> we love having long drives, ten-play drives that take up six or seven minutes of the clock. that just our style. we're just going to treat it like any other graham and -- like any other game and have long drives. >> long drives ending in
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touchdownsment long drives that the end field goals don't help you. it's keeping the ball away from them but you have to score a touchdown because they're going to come back and score points. >> mike: espn college gameday was on oregon's campus this morning, and the guy they were joined by five-year-old bray, a huge duck fan, who helped the crew pick the winner of today's big game. >> go ducks! >> yeah! >> i can't beat that. let me have my duckhead. [laughter] >> mike: oregon has the longest win streak, 13 games. stanford is a 20-point underdog. but believe me, they're not that bad. this should be a good game. cal ends the regular season tonight in corvallis. hosted by oregon state. in the pac-12, usc and ucla staging their annual battle. high lights and more
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>> mike: cal plays their final date at oregon state. they'll end their season without a bowl bid, the first time in jeff tedford's career they won't we playing in the postseason. cal has struggled all year. they're a young team and their best player probably going to the nfl next season. they have talent at the skill
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position but need to look at theirs offensive and defensive line as the quarterbacks had too much pressure. >> i don't think there's a position on the field that we will not be emphasizing. there's some positions we need more than others. offense and defensive line are definitely places we'll be recruiting some people. >> mike: rose bowl. usc and ucla. bruins jumped out to a 24-0 lead in the second quarter. franklin shakes and bakes. 16-yards for the touchdown. ucla looking strong. but the trojans kept coming back. the rain began to fall. bad snap. the bruins fumble twice before the ball gets knocked into the end zone. the trojans player lands on it. everytime usc came back, bruins answered. franklin, 127 yards on nine carries. ucla wins, claim the pac-12
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south title. third ranked and undefeated notre dame hosting wake forest. big dame for notre dame quarterback. airs it out to john goodman. a great grab and score. notre dame 21-0. second quarter. to jones, 34-yard. in the first half, notre dame remains perfect at 11-0, crushing wake forest. 38-0. fourth ranked alabama hosting western carolina. thought the twinkie store was closed. mccould be to jones. mccarron's 23rd chowb this season. the lateral pass hits the ground. it's a live bowl. belue picks it up. he is history. alabama rolls, improving to 10-1, 49-0 the final. san jose state hosts byu tonight for the first time since
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1968. sparts need to win. i was in san jose catching a few spirals from spartan quarterback david fales. byu is favored, but coach mack says the spartans have one advantage. >> they've lost a couple tough games. notre dame. they should have beat. and i think they've got a very good football team, and we've got them here. seems like they play a little better at their place so hopefully we'll have a good day here at spartan stadium. >> they're a good team and been successful against other good teams so we're excited. a big challenge for the offense and defense. >> mike: san jose state and cal, both 7:30 kickoffs. later, we which will neck on alex smith's status for monday night's game against the bears. >> ama: going green is becoming the new trend in the american auto industry.
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coming up, we get plugged into the latest auto trends and ehow technology way beyond gps is helping us. >> how about love at first sniff? a look at the latest dating craze. and black friday sales are starting earlier than ever and store
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>> ama: opposition is growing to stores like wal-mart, toys 'r' us, target that plan to kick off blackty deals on thursday night. an employee started an online petition to give back the holiday to employees and their families. there are more than 238,000 signatures but experts say when it comes to competition, stores like target are simply supplying a demand. >> an appetite for shopping and it's becoming earlier and earlier. nobody wants to come in second in that race. so it's really a question, look it, people are thinking about shopping, they want to go shopping. >> ama: opening up at 9:00 thanksgiving night, provides an after dinner shopping event for the family. many employees argue it takes those values away. >> when you go to buy a car, fuel economy is major deciding factor for 97% of customers,
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according to a study by ford motor company. now with new federal regulations and a rising gas prices, abc-7 jonathan blume has a look at the changing face of american awbles. >> now you'll see i'm ready to drive. >> i'm about to test drive the ford c max energy. the first ford you can fill up and also plug in. >> plugin hybrid is a great in between in terms of both the hybrid and a full electric vehicle. you have the capable to do both but don't have the range limitation. >> with a 20-mile range on battery or oil with the gas tank, the car decided which to use. >> i can't make this use gas. >> that's correct. >> did you notice the difference? >> the gas just kicked? >> or push a button to go all lesch. ford claims the car pays for himself by getting the electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> the first to break that milestone, centennial milestone.
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>> electric cars are nothing new for ford in 1914, henry ford and harvey firestone pose with thomased a disson as they tried to brick the first electric car to market but couldn't build a bat enough battery in 2000, the ford tiled it with the all-electric synch. sales were slow and the closed down the line. >> 60% of our customers are considering a hybrid and now, even more remarkably, one in four of the customers is considering a plugin hybrid. >> they'll send you a text if your car is unplugged. >> we're seeing a convergence of technology. now your phone is part of the ownership experience of the vehicle. >> smart phone integrate is a big deal for chevrolet. they make the chevy volt which is more expensive. for folks on a budget, general motors is trying something different. >> the chevy spark, so-called city car that gets 38 miles per gallon on its gas engine for
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$13,000. it has a touch screen designedded with one audience in mine. >> young urbanites. their first new. >> buying their first place, purchasing their first new vehicle. >> to keep the price down, general motors left out a lot of the fancy electronics. this system uses your smartphone as its brain. >> all of its working on the smart phone. the minute i unplug my phone it's no longer going to be displayed. >> the all-electric spark is due out next year. abc-7 news. >> ama: now to the science of love. there's a new type of singles event. some say it stinks and others say the nose knows. sickles attended a pheromone party last night. participants had mixed results but experts claim a person's smell could be the deciding factor in people's relationship
4:39 pm
chemistry. >> the pheromone can evoke an emotional response which has a huge knoll our bond organize attachment to another person. >> i like the idea. it's like love at first sight but love at first sniff. >> one man who went to the party admits smelling t-shirts sounds weird but people will do anything for love. >> the movie skyfall is a box office smash, and now some former real life spies debunk the biggs bond myth. >> the new movie that don sanchez calls one of the best pick tiewfersz the year. another round of showers coming our way, leigh glaser is tracking the wet weather.
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>> ama: more than four decade ago money was set aside for offhighway vehicles and
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preserving places for their use. since california's money troubles have began the state has been tapping into that fund, and dan ashley explains how it's left many offroaders feeling as if they've been left in the dust. >> the met calf off highway vehicle park is one of the most popular recreation areas in santa clara county. every year thousands of people come here to ride the trails. but because of statewide budget cuts millions of dollars designated to run offroad parks like this one are in jeopardy. >> we've been pretty fortunate in receiving the funding we have asked for. if it gets reduced we'll he to look at options, funding strategies to keep the park open. >> in the early 70s, users of offhighway vehicles or ohvs, helped to create a savings account for future parks. they created a trust, paid for by registration fees on offroad vehicles and taxes on gasoline. >> you buy gas, you pay taxes on the gas, those taxes come back
4:43 pm
to the program to maintain the roads and trails you're wreck reatwreck rating on. >> fill general -- phil jenkins ones the program. the trust has been a target because it is so well-funded. it currently has $42 million in the account. over the past four years the department has loaned the state $123 million with the promise that it would be paid back. >> last year was the first time they diverted money that would have come into the program and diverted it to another location which means they don't have to pay nat money back. >> some legislators argentina the trust is overfunded. >> state parks has to change the way it's done business. it's a different day. the resources aren't there we could once count on. >> state senator co-authored legislation that diverted money from the state ohv division to the general park fund to help save 70 state parks from closing. >> we were able to do a fairly good job of holding most of that
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program together. 95% of the funding is not even at risk, and the remain 5g% may or may not be there for that program during the course of the coming year. reporter: the legislation was signed by the governor. it gives the state parks department the authority to use the money designated for the off road parks. >> in essence they've taken the funds generated through ohv use, through registration fees and done what they've wanted. >> as it turns out the money wasn't needed this year because other funding was found for the state parks. back at met calf, they warn their savings consistent being tapped to bail out the state's financial crisis. >> they've shouldn't be able to touch the money, and they just keep robbing from us and nobody wants to stand up for the motorcyclists. >> if i don't balance my checkbook, i can go to my neighbor and take hi money. >> the county parks department says it's committed to keeping the camp open. >> there's no doubt in my mind that park will remain open.
4:45 pm
just how we do that. >> ama: you may remember that earlier this year the head of the state parks department resigned over a $54 million hidden surplus at a time when dozens of parks were slated to close, more than half of that money had been set aside by the ohv division to manage land for offroad vehicles. let's check in with leigh glaser. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd picking up the first rains of the second cold front that will move in overnight and it's starting to weaken as it moves in along the coast and is not going to be as strong as the one that moved through last night. the rain starting to move in through the ukiah area. looking closer, you can see yellows with the heavy rain that's starting a little pocket of heavy rain to the east. clayton road picking up that moderate rain, and starting to pick up a little pocket of moisture from novato, san
4:46 pm
rafael. and wood acres, so all of this is going to continue to slide south overnight tonight so we'll continue with rain and wind joafs night. a few lingering showers tomorrow morning, and then look for afternoon sunshine for your sunday. a dry day for our monday. here's a look at the actual cold front. you can see it as it -- just kind of squeezing in here. this is actually the back edge here. to give you a sense, this ths thing is barreling through in the next couple off -- couple of hours, we'll see most of the front move through the north bay. half moon bay. you may encounter pockets of mod rat rain. gusts up close to 57 miles-per-hour. the rain pushes to the south tonight. santa rosa, ukiah, a fast mover, we may even see some partial clergy there. 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, morgan hill, higher elevations, see some of the moderate rain. after that a few spotty
4:47 pm
scattered showers tomorrow morning, but otherwise that cold front moves on to the south, and we will start to dry things out. here's a look at your highs for your sunday afternoon, anticipate something clearing, maybe still a few lingering showers south of san jose, otherwise, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. temperatures tomorrow, folks, much like today. watsonville, maybe a lingering shower tomorrow afternoon. 62 degrees, and 65 for salinas. the seven-day forecast. drying conditions sunday afternoon. monday is dry and mild. temperatures climbing back into the mid-to-upper 60s, thickening clouds and showers tuesday night and wednesday, then dry things out just in time for thanksgiving. and also bring home in sunshine for friday. >> ama: looks good. thank you, leigh. on a wet weekend many people like to head out to the movie athlete dispers now in theaters is a film, silver linings play book, and it's a long haul from
4:48 pm
the hangover. don sanchez is calls it one of the best pictures of the year. >> hey, tiffani. you look nice. >> thank you. >> bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence, each damaged goods. he is bipolar, out of the state hospital, and there's a restaining order to keep him away from his estrengthed life. her police officer husband was and i would she didn't cope well in life either. >> elrealy pretty. >> oh, my. >> that's confusing. >> wait. what's happening? >> battle lines drawn and bradley has issues like waking his folks at 4:00 a.m. to talk about hemingway and is on sesdz with getting his wife back. >> getting trim for nickie. >> patrick, she left. she's gone. >> yes, robert deniro, his dad. this is a small, gritty film,
4:49 pm
shot in a philadelphia neighborhood. funny at times. intense in others. we watch them go through changes, and for bradley and jennifer, sort of salvation might come in dance competition. >> this is what i believe to be true. you have to work your hardest. if you stay positive you have a shot. >> forget bradley copper as the sectioness man. consider him as a best actor candidate, and jennifer lawrence is complex, fragile. this film is an emotional roller coaster rides. there were times i had to sit back and take a breath you may see the ending coming but it hits you with a wallop and more than a few people in the audience with a few tears in their eyes. some unanswered questions. the play black is a surprise and one of the best pictures of the year. i give illit almost a full bucket. >> james bond can jump off a
4:50 pm
building, fight a man on a train all while looking handsome, we often forget agent 007 is a work of fiction, not a real international man of mystery. suzanne kelly talks to two former cia agents to debunk snowfall bond myths. >> skyfalls delivers the heart pumping scenes you expect from bond. but how many men bond's age can follow a car chase with a fistfight on top of a moving train, being shot and fall to what appears to be certain death. marty martin and robert are both former cia spies and both served in dangerous posts, places where it would have meant certaining death if they were discovered. cnn got them to talk and expose the myths of bond. myth number one. spies have superhuman abilityz. >> false. i witch we did but often times it just takes a jump off an eight foot wall and you're limping and seeing a doctor. >> bond myth number two.
4:51 pm
style is a spy's best weapon. >> it can be and may not necessarily conform to other people's sense of style. >> you have to know how to wear different clothing. you're dressing a little different, a different sense of style if you're in the court of the king of moore morocco. >> bond myth number 3, it's easier to work alone. >> the extent you can limit the point office failure, the better off you are, in the last ten yours or so when we have been working in war zones we had to rely on other people and had to work as teams. >> bond knight number four. breaking the rules makes you bad. >> sometimes down range you got to break the rules and there were times in order to accomplish the mission in the right way, you have to be willing to break the rules, and that gets dodgy, in a world that is more and more filled by lawyers. >> i have never seen james bond stop in the middle of a mission
4:52 pm
to call a lawyer. >> don't have to worry about that. you do what you think is best and after the fact you know you're going to be having to answer that and get second-guessed all the way through. >> bond myth number five. technology always makes the job easier. >> the whole google biometrics tracking, it's going to be real tough to be a different person all the time and not get called out on it. >> bond myth number six. sew business stick indicate drinks and theme songs make you cooler. this one is tough to argue with. >> the rolling stones or going to be frank sinatra lounge music. probably not justin bieber. i'll ask you, drink four martin anies and tell me how coherent you'll be. >> that's the real intel into the life of a real spy. >> ama: it doesn't matter. it's so much fun. >> leigh: we love it. >> mike: we need to get jerseys.
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a big game tonight and of course on monday night. 49ers host the bears monday night and the kiss is whether alex smith with play. he is still listed as questionable. we have an update next in sport.
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>> mike: the only questions around the 49ers as they prepare for monday night football has been their health. jim harbaugh back at practice, and alex smith hoping to be cleared by monday. smith is officially listed as questionable after a concussion last week, but continues to make strides. he passed all the tests but must go through a contact drill before he can be cleared to play
4:56 pm
tomorrow. offensive lineman joe staley suffered a concussion. >> the final step is you have contact, and that can occur anytime up to the game. to me it was like i just basically had to bang against another person with my helmet. as a quarterback, probably be different. there job doesn't consist of banging helmets. >> mike: the 49ers guessing up until gametime, stanford and oregon coming up here with thepack twelve north division lead at stake. features the best offense against the best defense. oregon has gotten the better of stanford in the past two seasons. the and stanford has beaten every pac-12 team except oregon. kevin hogan's, first start on the road and know the key to wings keeping the oregon offense off the field. >> we love having long drives,
4:57 pm
ten-play drives that take up seven minutes of the clock. that's our style. we're going to treat it like any other game and try to have long, sustaining drives. >> lone drives on fence ending in touchdowns. long drives that the end field goals don't help you. they just don't. so, it's keeping the ball away from them and you have to score a touchdown because they're going to come back and score points. >> mike: everybody is picking oregon. i'm pick picking stanford in an upset. tune in later and see if i have to eat crow. >> that does it for thing edition of abc-7
4:58 pm
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